I’d Be Ashamed to be a Methodist

As a former Methodist, the continued self destruction of the UMC is like watching Wipeout. You can see it coming and you know it’s gonna hurt.  Today, this one sentence in a statement released by two United Methodist agencies** on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade caught my eye:

“In the wilderness of political posturing and divisive blaming and shaming, we seek to be a voice crying out to prepare the way for the Lord to bring about a new era of reproductive justice for our families and communities.”

These women use the biblical imagery of John the Baptist’s call to repentance to suggest that the UMC is doing Jesus’ will in promoting abortion.  Seriously?

As they say, silence implies agreement.

Read the entire statement and commentary at Juicy Ecumenism.
** This was in a official release signed by Julie Taylor (Office of Children, Youth and Family Advocacy United Methodist Women) and Amee Paparella (Director & Organizer for Women’s Advocacy General Board of Church and Society).


One response to “I’d Be Ashamed to be a Methodist

  1. I left the UMC and am glad I did. It was such an embarrassment having any association with people like that. The equate the coming of Jesus with the right to kill unwanted human beings! They are without consciences.

    And they use the deadly and fallacious anti-science euphemism “reproductive justice.” Reproductive justice is when you don’t kill unwanted human beings that have already been reproduced.

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