Ever heard of a Boglehead?

A “Boglehead” is a term used to describe folks who generally follow the basic investing strategy of John Bogle, form CEO of Vanguard, the world’s largest mutual fund company.  In a nutshell, Bogleheads use low cost index funds to build simple portfolios taking particular care to use an asset allocation that is appropriate for the risk you are willing to or need to take.  “Simplicity is better” – and “Stay the course” are often heard on the Boglehead forum.

The forum and wiki offer a wealth (groan) of information, insight, and personalized advice.  The wiki’s list of recommended books on Boglehead style investing is the key to understanding why this style of investing is appealing, works, and lets you take control.  You can find many of these in your library.  I bought one of the books written by four long-time adherents, The Boglehead’s Guide to Investment Planning, and have benefited from its advice.

After years of letting a firm which targeted the military “advise me” (& make money off of me), I decided to take charge.  I learned about asset allocation (a concept never discussed by our former financial planners), efficient market theory, and tax efficient investing.  Next I asked questions & got advice from some smart folks. Next I dumped those expensive funds & the advisor and never looked back.

I’ve been a Boglehead for nearly 5 years. So, read a few books.  Visit the forum.  There’s no secret methodology or technical trend analysis.  Just common sense investing.  Perhaps one day you’ll become a Boglehead too.


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