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Cloud Storage and the Slippery Slope to Technology Lust

First Google.  Then Microsoft and Apple.  All are pushing applications and file storage to the “cloud.”  Why?

The cynic in me thinks that they will mine your data for commercial purposes.  I’m sure (insert sarcasm formatting here) their privacy policies will ensure that “no personally identifiable information will be given to third parties” without my permission.  Third party use indeed.  Have you noticed that your Google & Bing searches invariably result in related ads whenever you go to other web sites?

But that’s okay I can set limits.  Just think of the possibilities.  Access photos, music, and reference articles – all synced & accessible from anywhere.  For a wannabe tech geek, this would be heaven.  Of course I’d need a new WiFi phone to take advantage of the information power at my finger tips.  I could solve arguments.  Lookup where to eat & check out menus and see what others thought.  Find instant deals or find the lowest gas prices that would save money.   But WiFi connections are tenuous and security is a concern.  I’d need a wireless data plan.   Just a basic one.

Wow.  Just used up my 50 mb quota on Page Plus.  I think I need a carrier with better data rates so I’ll switch back to Verizon or maybe use T-mobile.   The rest of the family can stay on the pre-paid phones.  Of course those screens are pretty small & my eyes aren’t getting better with age.  You know, those new tablets look great.  You don’t even have to be an Apple fanboy to flick photos and windows around those new shiny screens.   I could even watch free movies with Amazon
Prime.   Wow – that YouTube video is cool.  I’ll sent the link to my wife.  Oh wait.  She has a basic phone.  Well, it’s just another $50 a month for her.  Maybe a family plan – we could get four Android 3.0 phones free ……

Techno lust.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s smart phone or his wife’s iPad, or his donkey’s  unlimited data plan.